Street Panda Goes to the Moon: Introducing Our New Family Member

Street Panda Goes to the Moon: Introducing Our New Family Member" 
Street Panda Clothing is excited to announce the addition of a new member to our family: the Moon Panda design. This unique design features an adorable panda grasping the moon's crescent amongst the stars. We're giving our customers the opportunity to choose which series of the Moon Panda they would like to see first. The options are the Aztec series, featuring gold, silver, and white, or the Neon series, featuring pink, blue, and white. Watch out for more info to come on this and a chance to win!
In addition to our Moon Panda design, Street Panda Clothing is committed to sustainable and ethical practices. Our EarthPositive Apparel is 100% organic and certified by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and FairWearFoundation, ensuring fair working conditions for garment factory workers.
Our in-house printing process allows us to have full control over the quality and environmental impact of our products. We use a vinyl laser cutter to create intricate designs and add a personal touch to each piece. Plus, our tie-dye and acid wash techniques give our shirts a one-of-a-kind look.
The Moon Panda design is our first in-house product, and we're excited to share it with our loyal customers. Help us decide which series to release first by voting on Instagram now. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter for updates on the Moon Panda Design and future releases.
Thank you for supporting Street Panda Clothing, your indie clothing line of choice. Together, we can make a difference in the fashion industry and create a more sustainable future.

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Epic, can not wait for the vote so we can choose the first range release!

The Announcer February 01, 2023

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