Tie-Dye Of The Month Competiton!

Tie-dying is the culture of Street Panda.

Since launching in 2015, tie-dying and acid washing has been a major influence on everything we’ve done. Driven by a love for psychedelic music and artwork, the philosophy of customisation has become part of our DNA.

But we couldn’t have done it without you! 

The colour schemes suggested by you on our website have been truly inspiring, we’ve had great fun making one-of-a-kind peices with you and we hope it continues!

The fascination with tie-dying came from founder and CEO, Max Sander. He learned the basics from an ex-girlfriend, honed his techniques and skills over the years to incorporate his artistic influences into the designs.

The desire to create something unique has driven experimentation with different and improving techniques.

Despite operating online a majority of the time, we still place importance in community ties. In 2018 we had the opportunity to meet and work with young artists at Lincoln College with the arts faculty, seeing some impressive designs and learning a lot on the way. 

We are launching a competition to share some of our experimental designs with you. Each month we will have one different tee up for grabs, S to XL.

To enter, answer these questions in the comments below, don’t worry its nothing intrusive!


What is your favourite genre of music?


Would you describe yourself as arty, sporty or a bit of both? 


Would you say you have a unique style?


What size T-shirt are you ? 


Enter your name and email address 

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Competition starts 03/02/20. All entries for this months competition must be submitted by 17/02/20. Good luck!

By entering this competition you authorise us to you use the data collected as we see fit.

Written by Bryn Jones 

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