Time for the second tie-dye of the month competition!


It’s a pleasure to announce our second tie-dye of the month competition. Thank you to all who entered last month, it was great to get to know you a bit better! We have a new tie-dye to share if you’re new or missed out last time.


If you would like to enter we have four questions to answer (don’t worry, nothing intrusive!). Write the entries in the comments with your email address, which are moderated and will not be made public, then enter the name you commented under in the gleam widget.

Questions ✔


Are you a skater?


If any, how many tattoos do you have?


Name three artists/bands you like.


What is your favourite colour?


Please include your size and email address in the private comment.

Giveaway starts 16/03/20 and ends 30/03/20.

Good Luck!


By entering the competition you authorise us to use the data collected as we see fit


Bryn Jones

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